Passing on!

Too often we forget the value of what we can do for others. I realized this today as I sat down in front of my computer thinking about the state of the United States and other countries. It reminded me of my interaction on Wednesday with a group working to sign up bone marrow donators for a child who desperately needed a bone marrow transplant. Of course with my RALf + Sjogrens + Chronic Fatigue I was not a candidate to donate but I did enjoy the conversation. I did not realize how few people eve know about bone marrow (or organ donation). I am thankful I was exposed to this early in life and am willing to make those choices but I am sad that many people are not aware of what you can do right now for someone who desperately wants to live but might not with out a transplant of bone marrow.

It is scary to think that despite all our advancements in technology….we still are lacking GREATLY with regards to “cures’ for some of the deadlinest and painful diseases that wrack our bodies.  It is interesting how despite no cure….treatment today has extended to biologic medicine and things of that nature. And yet sometimes we need something so simple as the marrow stored in a strangers body. I have to post this link…because maybe someone out here didn’t know and know maybe can become the angel to another child, another teenager, mom, dad, uncle, aunt, grandfather, etc. I hope that someone can take advantage of this link

It also made me think of again how blessed I am! I have a part time job, I’m a full time student, I have a house/food/clothing/etc. For some kids…they don’t even have that to claim as their own. Passing on means more than saying what we will do, it means doing what we say we will do. Today, my church worked hard at something they do twice a year…it is called Second Helping. They work to gather food for those in need, but I think what excites me the most is working to bring a smile to a child who is hungry. I think working with a humanitarian organization is one of the best ways to spend my “free time.” I know I’m excited to one day travel back to Africa, to the Middle East, and other countries that have a need. If you think about it and are interested go to and read about what World Help does for the many children in need. This includes children in Syria and those in Sub-Saharan Africa where there has been drought and famine.

I know that typically my posts have been about others but there are times we need to pass on what we know and think about others. My pain is real yes but then I  think about a person in another country with my pain who has no meds. How hard that would be….and what if that person had to walk miles for water…and go days with out food. Could you imagine how your Rheumatoid Arthritis would fare? Could you imagine the major Fibro flares? And what if you were running the whole time to find a refugee camp? How would your body feel? I know my body would be screaming and fighting back against me.

So tonight I’m thinking about what I can pass on through my life and words to touch the lives of someone else. I am so thankful that I can do so much and that I can raise awareness for RALF and the needs of the many around the world.


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