What I learned

I am home safe and sound from an amazing first professionals conference. I think this was the first conference I came home feeling like wow I’m doing something! I was grouped with a great cohort of young professionals eagerly pursing their masters degrees. I was honored to work with them and put our heads and thoughts together to work on a case. It was definitely a fun and much enjoyed experience.

I saw people that made my day, from those friendships I was able to pick up again to the new friendships made. I also realized I was not going to let myself be stopped because of my RALF, Sjogrens or Chronic Fatigue. At the same time going from 6am (woke up) until 2am (bed time) for three days in a row was exhausting!!! And yes definitely paying for it!

Would I do it again???! Yes!!! I really appreciated the opportunity and the take aways! I see that for sure I want to stay in student affairs and academia. Call me a big kid but I never want to leave the college campus.

Off to bed, early day tomorrow and then off to class. I have a game plan to work on home work this weekend. My goal is to jump back into my systematic lit review and continue working on this semesters final project. I would love to have this semesters final project done by the time I go to my next conference. And I have to work on my Clark Scholar stuff too! Ahhhh yes but I’m organized and work encouragement and spoons it will all get done!!! Next conference is in three weeks!!!!! Indianapolis wooohooo!!

Spoons, encouragement a and please don’t ever think because of our invisible illness and pain we cannot contribute! I meet a top top administrator this week who battles like us….I want to be someone who doesn’t hesitate to make a change in her small world because of her pain! Join me?

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