Hmmmm randomness

I spent today working on homework and resting. My hubby and I decided to try something new and we had date night on Thursday. It was nice to be able to enjoy a quieter restaurant and less traffic. We have found that Fridays/Saturdays are sooo crazy, that we don’t really get to enjoy being together. Tonight was fun. Tomorrow night we go to Matt’s martial arts school because he is being awarded his strip. This is his last strip before his brown belt!!! WOOHOOO! So in a year he has come pretty far.

I was spending some time tonight googling (procrastinating my homework) and I found the tour schedule for the World Help Children’s Choir. I am not sure if you have ever heard of them but these kids are amazing!! These children are absolutely amazing, check out their schedule I am looking forward to when they get closer to my house, I can go and listen to them.

While looking at the Children’s Choir information, I found a link for the World Help Syrian aid page ( I really hope that one day I can use my photography skills and raise awareness. As I learned in Africa, one picture can say a thousand words!

Back to the homework I go! 🙂

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