How hard is for you to relax? I know for me I have to get to a point where I think I have everything done that needs done and then I still am thinking..what did I forget! Weird right? Well, I am learning that I need to relax more and stop to smell the roses. Time flies and sometimes it feels like years have flow by and I have missed so many things.

This week I am focusing on my systematic literature review! The hardest part of data collection is the starting and stopping, starting the research and digging and then stopping and reading the articles. It is a circular system…start and stop…start and stop! But it is a fun circle. I def. enjoy finding articles, pulling out data and creating new work.

Off to start reading another homework book! I’m telling myself I need to make sure to take me time this week! Too often I forget to take some me time, but this week my goal is to make sure to not forget about me.

Rest well everyone!


3 thoughts on “Relaxing

  1. Taking time to rest is something that I have been trying to drill into my brain for 30 years. I am a Type A personality in a broken body. Even so, for me to slow down and rest is extremely difficult, even when the pain in my body is escalating as I continue to push myself beyond my limits. I think I am still trying to out run the pain, trying to see how far I can get before I am slammed down and can’t go any further. Sometimes i have been able to go alot farther than I had expected, but those times were probably just flukes and for the most part, I always seem to end up in a flare when I push myself too hard. I just have a rebellious spirit and don’t want to let the pain win. I want to do what I want and I stubbornly (and stupidly) keep pushing and basically give the pain the finger on a daily basis.

    I am trying to learn that if I just cooperate with the pain signals that my body gives me, and take “time outs” several times a day….then my “down time” will be significantly less than if I try to squeeze out 3 or 4 more hours of work per day with no breaks at all and then end up crashing so hard that I can’t function for a week or two. I need to realize that pain will never allow me to get away with pushing myself too hard for too long….it will not be ignored and it will catch me eventually. If you don’t obey the minor pain signals early… will definitely obey the pain signals later, when they have grown so large that you get thrown under the bus and end up in a flare that lasts for months (like the one I’m in right now).

    So thanks for reminding me again, the importance of rest when you are chronically ill is not something you “should” do, it’s something you MUST do, or you will be very sorry more often than not.

  2. Time management is something I’ve really been working on. I’m like you always thinking there’s something I’m forgetting. I’m trying to get the hang of using Google Tasks to remind me what I need to do and more importantly to limit the # of things I feel I have to do. I have to get myself to where I don’t try to pack every single task into one day. Even though I know I can move incomplete tasks to the next day, i need to learn to limit the # of tasks I put on a day in the first place.

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