Hanging in there!

It has been one of those crazy weekends! I have had major major flares 😦 but still some things got done! WOHOO! My Clark Scholar paper has been submitted, with a few days to spare! Now tonight, I working on getting a textbook read so that way when November 1 comes around I will be ahead in most things.  In two weeks I’m headed to Indianapolis and then the next week to St. Louis. My goal is to be as far ahead as possible so I can make sure to balance when I get back from these trips.

This week I have one paper to work on, my systematic lit paper/proposal to work on and then just keeping up with the “normal” homework. It is hard to believe that we are in mid-October already! We will celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary on November 6th! Wow does time fly! Seems like we just got married yesterday. We officially passed our 7th year mark of being a couple, we are working on our 8th year together as a couple.

Off to read and rest! Rest well everyone and remember to balance/relax/and enjoy this week! No matter what you are facing, put your best foot forward. My goal is to check out a few gyms by my house. I have been doing yoga at home but I feel there is a need to socialize more. So I’m thinking of getting to a gym that has yoga classes. Thankfully, I have a few really nice gyms by my house. Granted after this week, I won’t be home for three weeks but after I get home…finding a gym home is high on my to do list.

Hugs and spoons!! 🙂



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