I wanted to make sure to post this tonight, I know many people spend this month thinking of their many blessings and perhaps making sure that they pass on something to someone else. I know today as I drove by Starbucks I saw the Christmas cups coming out. Wow Christmas time already!! AGAIN! But hey that is totally fine!

I also thought today of my MANY MANY MANY blessings. I grew up in a poor third world country….today I have gained more than I ever thought possible both at my house, my personal life, and my academic life. I am blessed beyond anything I could imagine. And part of being blessed (at least to me) is to pass on to those that don’t have what I have. Either by mentoring young students who want to get more education, helping out my family, or donating to a particular charity.

One of my favorite places to donate is the World Help Organization. This organization was the one that took my to Africa, and is an organization that works around the world. One day I hope to do a lot more with them especially as my classes are coming to an end. If you are looking for a place to say thanks to, I encourage you to read up on World Help (

Regardless of what you do, never forget to stop and think of your blessings. Looking for the good in things…at least for me helps me pick myself up and go for another day. The pain is so overwhelming and emotionally draining…but it does not have to take our joy away!


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