The days go by

This week has been one of those weeks! It began with major storms starting Sunday..I even lost power on Sunday until almost noon. I woke up around 3-5a.m. and all I heard was hard blowing wind and a lot of lightening. I have two pine trees in my back yard and I remember thinking…Lord please do not let these palm trees come down on my head! It was a little nerve wracking…not to mention the pain from all the rain outside!  So it was a long day on Sunday…Monday there was a little rain but then on Wednesday it rained sooo hard.

I was driving to class and it was coming down so hard I could not see in front of me. It was one SCARY drive to class. I prayed for it to not rain that hard on my way home in the dark. And PRAISE GOD it was not raining…the roads were really wet ….I felt like I should have been using a boat instead of a car.  But at least I made it home safe and sound. Thursday it poured again and this time it rained just about all day. Again so draining on my body..I realized my body just feels differently when it rains..maybe it is just me but I just don’t feel right!

Today it was actually clear and sunny PRAISE THE LORD! Except now it has started to pour again!! OH MY GOSH!! Rain go away lol!

On Wednesday morning I got a message that an amazing friend, a lady so strong, was coming to the end of her battle with cancer. This friend I met when I was an undergraduate, I found an amazing program to help me get ahead in my education. My friend was the office assistant for the program, she was so sweet and just loved to listen and of course help a clueless undergraduate. We began friends as I moved through the program, and then when I graduated and she moved on we still stayed in touch. When I got engaged she was right there to encourage me, when I needed decorations/flowers for my wedding..she stepped right up. It was so awesome to share my wedding day with her, she did an amazing job on the flowers and decorations. She put her heart and soul into making sure my wedding day was beautiful. I will never forget that day! Her heart was so big, her spirit so strong. As a wife, as a mother, as a lady of God…she gave her heart to serving and making sure anyone (and I mean anyone) knew she was there to listen and help. On Wednesday night I got a message, she was gone. It was sad, it was shocking…we had had prayed and hoped she would make it..but God did not have that in store for her. I know she is a much better place, I know she is finally pain free. But I feel a hole, for her husband and child left behind my heart is broken. I know the pain of losing a parent…it is life changing and her son is so young. I don’t know the pain of losing a spouse but I know how devastated I would be to lose my partner…I can only imagine her love is feeling that devastation.  Her funeral is tomorrow….can we really say goodbye…or can we say “I’ll see you in a little while friend.”






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