Travel Week

The weeks I have been looking forward to (and dreading) are finally here!! Bright and early on Thursday (like 4:30a.m.) I am headed to the airport!!! This is after I drive up to the school tomorrow for a proposal, work all day Wednesday and then take my classes and get home around 11:00-Midnight, and then up at 4:20p.m. OH MY GOODNESS!! Crazy right!! And then of course Indianapolis is COLD!!! I checked the temperature last night and whew!! FREEZING!! 🙂

That said, I have no doubt the conference will be awesome! I will be starting my second and final year as a Barbara Jackson Scholar! I have been blessed to have received this award and hope that I can continue to live up to the name of the great woman who began the program. I head home on Sunday, and fly back out on Tuesday for ASHE!! I know gosh sooo crazy!! It will be an intense few weeks, I am praying that my body holds up. I am praying for spoons, strength, and energy!

Off to write more on my paper 🙂 Rest well everyone and I pray that you all have an amazingly wonderful Tuesday! 😛


2 thoughts on “Travel Week

  1. I’ve been feeling a little better and only have physical therapy ONCE this week instead of FOUR times! I’ll throw my extra spoons your way. Wishing you oh so much luck and good health. Do us proud at the conference!

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