I’m sitting here in the airport waiting for my flight to Cleveland! I woke up and relaxed this morning (balance!!!) and then took a town car to the airport. It was so nice, I got to the airport early! I tried to change my flight so I would get home earlier but that flight was full. So I’m connecting through Cleveland. And after a short layover I’ll be heading home.

Then, tonight is hubby time and laundry time. Repacking because on Tuesday morning, I’m taking my luggage to work. Then at 3:30-4pm I’m leaving work and headed back to the airport. I’m flying Tuesday night to St. Louis! I’ll be there until Sunday, and then home!!!!! Yay!!! All the while I’m balancing my writing and research. I’m carrying my laptop around and my laptop.

I’m living my Michael Kors anniversary present that my husband surprised me with!!! It is perfect for conferences as it holds my iPad nicely and fits just enough stuff. Plus it looks classy!!!!! Pictures belows!

I’ll post more hopefully when I get home!!! 🙂 thank you all for keeping me encouraged. Your comments, tweets, and messages are sooo appreciated 🙂



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