Yay!! It is soo nice to be home and sitting in my bed 🙂 It was a long day at the Indy airport. I was supposed to leave by 3:20p.m. to catch a flight to Cleveland. That didn’t happen. The flight was delayed 30 minutes and then again for an 1hr and a half. That would make me arrive into Cleveland around 5:50p.m. with my flight leaving Cleveland for Houston around 6:03p.m. It was too close of a connection, so I got put on a new flight. This new flight was a direct flight into Houston YAY!! But it meant I had to stay at the airport an additional 3 hours :(. BOOO!!

But I got some work done, thank goodness for United having chargers under the seats and for Indy having free internet!! I was able to watch movies, work on homework, and read on my Kindle. If only the seats were not so small and stiff. That really did a number on my body. I came home and of course….full flare. Hands/hips, legs, etc. etc. are all swollen and hurting. But my bed is nice and warm and comfy. Plus I get to cuddle with my furry kids and enjoy seeing my hubby for the first time in a few days.

I am re-packed! WOOHOOO! I am flying out around 7p.m. on Tuesday night…stay tuned for pictures of the famous arch! 🙂 My hotel is right by the arch of St. Louis (supposedly). I’ve been around and briefly through St. Louis as a child (same with Indy).  This is supposed to be an awesome conference full of higher education professors/scholars (many whose books/articles I read).

I found two awesome apps to help me balance life a bit more. I found one called “any Do.” I have this app on my Iphone. It is so simple…it has a list for Today/Tomorrow/Next Day. I put things here that I need to get done today. Then I downloaded GoTasks, this connects with my Google Tasks and syncs to my Iphone/Ipad. On the second application, I am able to put a long term to do list…things like preparing for my class in the spring etc.  Both these apps, will hopefully help me (in conjunction with my ical) stay organized, get things done, and balance my much needed rest.

No it is not easy doing this with RALF + SJogrens+Chronic Fatigue! YES probably nuts! But I hope that you know, I take it all one step at a time. And I just want to encourage you if you have considered going back to school (or some other commitment in your life like volunteering or sharing your story)….I encourage you to do it. It might not be easy…but you know…you will learn so much when you do it!

Rest well everyone! #spoons! And don’t every think because you have an invisible illness…that you cannot do it! That is so not true!! You might take longer, you might have to find creative ways (like Iphone apps) to balance things a bit more, or you might have to schedule in a nap! BUT that said…you can do it!! 🙂 I want you to never think you cannot have your dreams…because you definitely can. Don’t feel as if your invisible illness (like RA, Lupus, Fibro — RALF) have to control your life! You take control 🙂


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