St. Louis!!!

I am sitting right next to a huge, glowing arch in the lovely city of St. Louis! It has been a cold day…one of those days where the wind is breezy and you can feel the cold air through your coat. I have been able to make good use of my coat šŸ™‚ I worked today…gosh was it sooo hard to get out of bed. Then right after work my hubby got me to the airport….and after a short delay..and a 30 minute wait on the jet way….the plane was airborne. I love seeing the cities at night…so pretty. It is soo cool to imagine all the people below who are sleeping, writing, etc. while a plane full of other people are flying some 40000 ft above them. Very cool to think about šŸ™‚

It was a bumpy ride but at least we made it safe and sound. I finally pulled up to my hotel only about an hour ago and promptly organized my room. My pre-conference event starts at 8:00a.m.!! AHHH!! Oh well at least I can get some sleep….hopefully!! Of course…I’m flaring but I’m getting ready to take my Lyrica and settle in for some reading. I have a few journals to read and then I want to get at least one chapter of my book I bought on systematic lit. reviews read before bed.

Thankful for all the well wishes, spoons, encouragement. Yes…lots of travel…very very tired…but I keep thinking! WOW! First of all..I have been selected out of many students to represent my school. Second, I am being blessed with an opportunity to enhance my future. And lastly, I am able to do all of this even when fighting some very painful and major invisible illnesses. WOW! Many things to be grateful for…I am changing the world…in a small way….but still it counts!

Night from St. Louis! šŸ™‚


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