Winding Down

The conference is winding down! What a whirlwind of days it has been. My first day and a half in St. Louis I was at a policy seminar. Now if you have ever sat in one you will know what I am talking about when I say WOW!! OVERWHELMING!! I was shocked at what POLICY means. I had this idea of of policy in my mind…that was shattered and new information was thrown into my brain. If nothing else I realize that I need to really think about my research..and not just talk about the problem but I need to connect what I find to a VIABLE change that could happen. I also need to think about what I can do as a Latina scholar to be more AWARE of policy concerns for my population.

That is going to take a lot of work on my part…but I can start now. My new goal is to find some policy books to read…I need to be more aware. Great lessons and VERY exhausting. I started a cold on the first night I was here. I don’t know if it was the cold weather….the plane….the being in an airport or what….but yes sadly I’m only existing like I am now thanks to Tylenol Cold and Sinus! Thank you lord for the sinus meds.

I have more more day at the conference….things wind down here tomorrow afternoon and then home on Sunday. I have a FULL week when I get back but then I have Thanksgiving break! YES! I have a lot to do over break though but I will enjoy some much needed sleep. Then I have one more class period and it will be the END OF THE SEMESTER!!! My last fall semester! Wow! I’m so encouraged because yes I am getting done! 🙂

I have a meeting with my chair on Monday. After that meeting I will have some edits to make, and then I can proceed with my final paper and continue to work on my systematic literature review! Ah so much to do.

Off to rest and work 🙂



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