I can say I am HOME!! I am so thankful that I woke up early and took an early morning flight. I don’t typically book early…I much rather wake up later and travel home on a mid-day/early afternoon flight. But this time, I booked an early flight out, which turned out to be a great thing. Some really bad weather moved into the St. Louis area last night…as we took off…You could see this dark cloud of rain etc. It was such a bumpy flight but thankfully we made it out in time.

I was thinking today what were some key take aways from my trip. I learned that I need to be aware and connected to policy. Most importantly that policy is WAY WAY WAY more than a word. Policy involves financial aid, it involves what we do at the state and federal money, and it involves how we handle finances at the community/local level. So much to learn!!! I also learned that it is good to sometimes sit back and learn. I watched a few great presentations and I learned some things I want to implement in my presentations. I think most importantly I learned that presenting is about having a conversation. It is not about practicing so much that you sound like you are recording. You are having a conversation between you and the audience. You are not reading your slides…you are not reading your notes…you are telling them what you know about a topic and inviting them to ask questions of you. I also learned how awesome it is to go to a conference with  a delegation from your school. Last week in Indy, I was pretty much alone…this time I was around 6 other Sam students and we had fun. From eating lunch and dinner together, to visiting after sessions, to going to Starbucks or sight seeing. It made for an awesome experience.

Now I am home…working on homework and trying to mentally prepare for this upcoming week. I have class on Wednesday and then next week is Thanksgiving break! YAY! I cannot wait for my hair appointment next Wednesday 🙂 I think I’m going to go more Mocha/Expresso brown! 🙂 Exciting.  One way to relax today I went out to the nail salon (pic coming soon)…it was a great way to relax. As ya’ll know..I love doing my nails! 🙂 I have gone to Shellac..I love how it stays one for at least 3 weeks!

I’m off  to rest and work on some homework. My knees and hip are sooo swollen…apparently they do not like to travel! 😛 I just took my pain medicine (Tylenol mixed with Naproxen – Dr. approved) and hopefully the pain meds will ease some of the throbbing ankle and knee pain. It is amazing..my body did SOOO much better than I thought it would do. I expected major major pain (hoping I don’t have a crash this week) but so far ..the pain has been as it always is (8/10) and that is so much better than what I was expecting (20/10).  I guess it also taught me to go for things even with the Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, and Fibromyalgia. I used to think those things limited me but I’m seeing with a balance…they don’t have to be limitations. If nothing else, that is a big take away for me. I was one of 6 students from an entire program that receiving the scholarship to attend the conference and one of 2 students to attend the conference last week. That’s pretty awesome when you think about it.  Definitely thankful for my faith and the Lord for giving me strength to keep going.  Off to work! 😛


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