Well I can say I’m officially on Thanksgiving break from school!!! It feels great, one class left and the semester is over! That is sooo awesome to say. My last fall semester of classes will be DONE!!! 10 years ago this fall I started my college courses….I can now say I am within 4 classes of finishing my coursework for my doctorate. It has been a long painful, tiring, and difficult road but it has been worth it 100%.

I know here in the United States many stop and focus on a week of Thanksgiving….and the beginning of the Christmas holiday. My heart is thinking of those in a small country many miles away who are hurting desperately tonight. Maybe some are hurting because of their pain like those of us with an invisible illness but yet many are hurting for far greater things like their loss of family, home, and lack of food and basic needs.  Yes, I’m talking about the Philippines. This country was ravaged by a typhoon causing major destruction. I am reminded of living in Honduras when Hurricane Mitch hit. A category 5 hurricane that caused major devastation and loss of life. I will never forget the smell of flood water, the decay and human waste that was left behind or the water marks on the fourth story of a building…or how I will never forget that water can be deadly. You never look at water the same way…not after you have seen what death is left behind when water turns its ugly head.

I know many are spending the next week celebrating with family or shopping but I encourage you to say a prayer for those less fortunate than you.  I could not imagine having my RALF and Chronic Fatigue and facing the loss of my family, the loss of my house, the lack of food or water, or the destruction surrounding those in the Philippines. Could you? As you face go through the holiday seasons share this link with those you meet who are looking for a way to serve and give to those who desperately need it ( Those in the Philippines would greatly appreciate it I have no doubt. Especially those who suffer much physical pain like us.  Another good link to check into is the, this link you can also share with your friends and family who are interested in an amazing organization that changes lives. I cannot wait for the day I can also be on the front lines helping bring a smile to the face of a child in Syria, Haiti, or Africa.  I cannot tell you what it does to your life to hold the hand of a child around the world that just wants to know that someone cares for them.

I encourage you to share that love with someone, it doesn’t have to be someone around the world…it could be someone next door to you or some random stranger behind you at Starbucks. I know I’m hoping to do some good things this Thanksgiving break…when I”m not sticking my nose in my book or in my research. 🙂

Life is busy…life is crazy…but there are some things..we just have to slow down for! 🙂


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