Well…it was a weekend

It was definitely a weekend to remember!! I came home Friday feeling so tired. You know we get tired on a regular basis but this tired felt as if I was beyond able to move or think. I crawled into bed on Friday night just so exhausted. I slept for a few hours and got up to work on my computer etc. My husband and I watched T.V. and right when we were getting ready to go to bed..my husband noticed water was coming down one one of our lights. Closer inspection revealed we had a problem, he got upstairs into the attic as quick as he could and saw that a valve in our hot water heater had busted…water was just coming out nonstop. I opened the door to the bedroom and saw a huge crack in our ceiling. I was shocked…it looked as if it was going to cave in any minute.

So at midnight, my husband and father-in-law were working hard to stop the water and draining the ceiling before any more damage was caused. My father-in-law lost his balance and he foot went down….unfortunately that also was the right place where the ceiling was so wet it collapsed. I heard this hard rumble and saw tons of insulation and ceiling on the floor.  So we had a hole in our ceiling, wet carpet, and a broken hot water heater.

Around 2a.m. my hubby and I finally made it to bed. We had fans going for the carpet as well as the heater going. Then when the guys got on the roof to fix the hot water heater…they noticed a leak in the roof. At the same time they noticed our main water line was also leaking. So yes lots of repairs going on this weekend. Fun right!

Then on top of all of that Friday I started feeling worse. By Friday night I looked like I had mumps..swollen glands under my chin and throat. It was not good. Odd thing was I had no fever so  I didn’t think it was too bad. But I finally went to a stand alone ER ( we have a lot of these Emergency Care/ER places where I live…cheaper than going to a hospital ER). Doctor immediteatly checked for strep and it was confirmed with a strep test. YAY! NOT!! SO I’m on antibiotics and staying home for 48hrs to let my body recover and hope the antibiotics start to work. I am also struggling with my asthma. I have been on meds before for asthma but we (dr. and I ) had worked to get me to where I didn’t need the inhalers etc.

So yes….I’m home staying on the couch…resting and doing homework! Pictures of my ceiling coming!


2 thoughts on “Well…it was a weekend

  1. What a night! Our water heater problems have all be during the day! Take care!

    Evelyn Maxwell, M.N., R.N. Here’s To Your Health! evelynmmaxwell.com Certified Lay Speaker UMC Whole Health Education & Consultation Author of “At Eden’s Gate: Whole Health & Wellbeing 414 E. Wayne Ave, Salina Ks 67401-6778 Tel: 785-827-3304 Email: emmx@cox.net

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