A Day at Home

I definitely don’t like to spend many days working from home. There is something fun (and yes tiring) about getting up in the morning and heading out the door. It was weird today to sit on my couch knowing it was a Monday but instead of being at my usual spot I was sitting on my couch in my PJ’s. I finally heard back from my rheumatologist..she said I needed to get a flu shot (which I will be doing on Thursday) and then she told me I could not take my Imuran while on my Z-Pack. Ahhh I hope my body does alright…it has been raining all day today..my Fibromyalgia is not happy!

So today I have worked on homework! I finished one class entirely, I finished a PPT and paper for another class, and I finished a paper for the third class! Whew! I also registered for my third class in the Spring! Now I will be taking two full classes (3hrs a piece) and my last doctoral comp class (1hr class we have to take for three semesters). That will set me up so I can be ready for my comprehensive exams that are coming in May (SCARY!!!).

So much to do but I know I”m going to make the most of sitting around on the couch! I was hoping for some extra time! Gosh didn’t think I would get it like this though! 🙂 Ohh and another positive of today! I submitted another conference proposal!! YAY! Now I just have to wait and see what happens. Sometimes academic work is like waiting for a doctor…you submit things and then you have to wait months before you hear back! Then sometimes you get that “no thanks” or “fix this and that.” I know I would much rather get the “fix this and that” but sometimes I have gotten “you are great, but no thanks.” That is all part of academics that’s for sure!

Alright…of to rest some more! I hope my swollen chipmunk face looks better in the morning! I”m going to miss my RA meds for the next few days but hopefully that will help me not react tooo terribly to the flu vaccination!  And if you were looking for something interesting tonight, I wanted to share this http://worldhelp.net/children-of-the-world/rescue-tour/. These kids are amazing!! 🙂

Night everyone!



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