First of the last month

It is officially the first day of the last month of 2013! Wow! Incredible how the year has flown by…and so much has happened. While it is a late night and I’m working on a paper! I just had to stop and think we are down to 31 days left to are you going to spend them? What are you going to do to make a positive from a negative in your life? Are you thinking already to 2014…what might happen in 2014 for you?? I know 2014 will mark my moving to ABD status (all but dissertation), I know that 2014 will hold a proposal for my dissertation and possibly a defense of my dissertation. Because of the rules..I can officially be called Dr. after I defend…crazy that this time next year I might be called Dr!

I hope that today marks a great start to the last month of the year! Two days from today I would have been celebrating my father’s birthday. I still have a hard time on 12/03! I always loved buying my daddy’s birthday card…hard to believe for five years I have not been buying a card. Instead I have been standing by a lovely graveside….remembering all the things my dad has missed as the years have passed. It is sad when someone like a parent is feel a void especially at those special moments.

I’m glad in a way he is happy, he is not hurting! Since I live in daily pain…pain that sometimes (like tonight) is so bad that my joints are horribly swollen, my fingers can hardly type, and my body just feels broken…I am happy my dad doesn’t have to suffer like me any more. He is pain free…and while we miss him so much…that does make it easier! I think of friends who have lost loved ones this year…gosh I know their pain is rough. And you know a loved one can be a pet too! I know we suffered a tragedy ourselves over the Memorial Day weekend…I know close friends who have lost a pet even in the last two weeks. That is hard…while you might be ready to let your pet go…they have been there with you through good and bad….you have cared for them every day! It is hard to wake up and realize your routine has changed because your pet is gone. For some of us, our pets are our children…our partner…and our daily companion that we talk to and share our day.  I send you hugs and much love …the pain doesn’t go away..but you can in time ( as you know I”m sure) come to an understanding that despite this new chapter in your book of life…you can still do many great things. That does not mean you don’t miss your loved miss them so much. Even today..I missed not being able to call my dad! I miss hearing his voice on the other line…I miss not getting his emails! I miss just having him around! As I know you probably miss your loved one too! Hugs tonight!

The holidays are so hard when you have lost someone close to you! Especially that first holiday after they are gone. If you know someone who has lost some one this year! Reach out to them…they could use it! If you know someone going through a rough battle medically, physically, or emotionally…be there for them this month more than ever! The holidays are rough for so many…be that friend!


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