Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday daddy!! Today, would have been my dad’s 80th birthday. Hard to believe!! I remember thinking in college him making it to 80…I never thought we would lose him as early as we did. He has been gone since 2008, yet I still sometimes struggle to look at birthday cards for Dad’s. Maybe one day that will change.

It seems so odd because last night I was up so late thinking of my dad…and strangely enough I spent a lot of time thinking of my dad as I drove all over God’s green earth today. I woke up and spent 2 hours in traffic to a campus where I was there for an hour, then I drove another hour back to my home campus where I worked until close to 5p.m. Then I spent 1.5hr getting home. YES, I was exhausted when I came home.

Although, interestingly my energy was revived because my Sephora package was waiting for me!!! I love makeup and getting full size samples.  So after that fun, I was able to rest and then I practiced for the last time my presentation for tomorrow. From 4;30-10:00p.m. today I am in class, my LAST class of the semester and my LAST fall semester of classes for this degree!! 🙂 YAY!! I’m going to rest this weekend that’s for sure! I cannot believe this time tomorrow, I will be done with classes until Spring..and this time next year I will be ABD and possibly ready to defend my dissertation…and then this time the next year…I will be Dr. 🙂 (hopefully)

Send me positive thoughts and prayers tomorrow! I’m ready to be DONE 🙂


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