One of those days

It has been one of  those days were the pain has been so bad! Gosh, you know we need new bodies that do not hurt all the time! I’m ready for that 🙂

I am working way on homework and getting things organized. I am teaching an online class in the Spring, taking three classes for myself in the Spring, working on my dissertation/research, working full time, and living! WOW! Talk about needing to make sure things are organized and planned ahead. My goal over the Christmas break is to stay ahead of the game. I want to make sure as much as I can do ahead of time I have done.

Speaking of, I have ordered my books for Spring WOOHOO! Did I tell of my classes is a law class! YES I love law but the bad thing is I have to do A LOT of reading…including law cases! It will be interesting but definitely a lot of work!

Another positive of today! I started using ‘MyFitness Pal” to keep up with my food (supporting the hubby) and I went and walked on the treadmill for 1.17 miles (100 calories). I walked slow (no more than 2.2 on the treadmill) but you know it felt good. My goal over this Christmas break is to make some good habits! I can read and work out too! 🙂 At least some movement will be good right!

I did my Christmas shopping online!! I have one more thing to get and that is on my to do for Saturday. It is nice that despite not celebrating the holiday…I can enjoy sharing gifts with some close friends. We haven’t decorated our house and I doubt we will. I am not into the decorating/tree/lights etc. I love to see them on other people’s house but it is just not my thing. We (hubby and I) haven’t really celebrated Christmas. Most of the past 8 years we treat it like a normal day…although we get to sleep and watch Netlfix (can you beat that!! NO) .

Off to use my energy on homework! Send some spoons my way…definitely need them today. I hope you all stay warm!! We have been soooo cold today! I wanna see snow but hey I don’t think we will get there 😦


2 thoughts on “One of those days

  1. I hate to hear that you feel so bad…yesterday was a bad day for me as well…but we survived! I just love Amazon, did almost all of my shopping there this year…I’m going to finish my shopping today (small bottles of hand sanitizer for co-workers…hahaha)…my decorating consists of bringing a small, already decorated tree down from the spare bedroom, hanging a wreath on the door, and putting a garden flag on the little pole…finished! And this from a girl who used to put a tree up in every room…

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