Well I’m happy to say the semester is OVER!! YAY! That’s a major positive…but that does not mean the work has in any way ended. I have spent the past few hours since my nap working on my online course. I have a feeling there will be a lot of work put into this course as I have never taught it before.


(a) I am seeing first hand course prep! Never have had the experience before and while it is fun…very stressfull and keeps me on my toes. I think if I eat, sleep, write/research/study/coursprep all Christmas Break…I might be ready!

(b) I will learn do I or don’t I enjoy teaching. I know I wanted to teach in the classroom…however the reality is we are moving more and more to online learning. This will be really good for me.

And yes while grades have not come in yet…I am pretty sure I did great this semester! Which brings me to preparing for next semester geez!! Between writing for my dissertation, class work, and my own class….yup I don’t know how the Spring is going to go because I realize…to do all of this….I need to balance things very carefully for the sake of my health.

I want to be superwoman but that doesn’t mean that I am superwoman! Sleep, eating, and relaxing have to happen..and that just means that the time I VALUABLE! Yes very very valuable! So if I have a schedule, routine, etc. I should be good. No more wasting time (like I did but hey!)

But for the first time in about 5 years my husband and I are actually going to be at our house this Christmas! Yup! Since my father died I have really not done the Christmas thing…not that I did before but I really haven’t done the Christmas thing. We are not into the presents thing, personally I don’t get it. However, my hubby and I did go get a tree and do a little decorating. It was fun to have a date night out of it. And our furry kids, the cats and the dog, have enjoyed pulling off ornaments etc.

Well I am off to bed… I have work tomorrow and then you know a to-do list that continue to grow! Stay strong, stay positive. Never think you are limited by your RA/Lupus/Fibro..because you are not. It just takes adjusting things so you can do stuff 🙂 Spoons!!!!


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