A Writing Sunday

When you are running a low grade fever, Fibro is flaring, and your body’s pain level is 10/10….there isnt much you can do outside. However, after a few hours of sleep I am back on my awesome couch. I have articles surrounding me with several goals on my to do today. I have finished a preliminary definition for my lit. review!!!! Yay!! Now I’m adding a bit more literature support and then off to do data collection :-). I spent about two days working on my Moodle class…I finally have my syllabus done (woohoo)!

Today, my working writing Sunday will hopefully be a productive day. I’m learning each day how to balance…it isn’t easy living life with major health problems and it isn’t easy balancing those issues with doctoral classes. But good news one step at a time, one day at a time. As I learned over and over….one day at a time…don’t let go of your dreams!

Hard to believe 2013 is over…! This time next year…,what might have happened in your life? Picture a goal and go for it! And if you need any additional encouragement, my adorable little girl says “go for it”


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