One more day down

One more day down…Christmas break is almost here!! 🙂 It is nice to have a few weeks to work away. My goal is to eat, sleep, and study! I have so much to do! But I think that if I get into a routine I can get a lot accomplished. I have found that if you take big projects, break them down into little projects, and organize myself…it will happen.

I’m still struggling with being sick (more than my usual sickness). This sinus headache/cold thing needs to go!! Too long (three weeks now!) Although the good thing is my fever broke for now. I’m hoping it doesn’t come back! I was able to go to the gym today..I didn’t work out too long (only 30 minutes) but every little bit helps! I’m getting into a routine of studying, sleeping, and working out! 🙂

I got onto Lexus Nexus today! I love reading law cases.  I think I will really enjoy my law class but it will be busy!!! UGH! Anyone want to lend me their body! I can use an extra one! 😛 I’m going to be crazy busy in the Spring! But hey that’s a good crazy busy! And I won’t lie I enjoy every second of it.

Today I learned one thing about myself! I have to share this because I appreciated learning it! I learned I don’t like unorganization. I was working on a project today and it was sooooo unorganized it really bothered me. When I worked to organize it…I felt much better about it….but when it was a mess…it was major stressful. I think this is good for me to understand because lets be honest…life is pretty messy and unorganized. I need to learn to handle that better…but it is good for me to know that organization is something I value. It helps me understand myself! Ahhh the things I learn!

I also learned that while I love the thought of living in the North East…it will take some major getting used to live in the cold weather! 🙂 It has been cold these past few weeks and I will say  I am ready for Summer! I know lame!! This morning we woke up to frost on the ground! Now that is cold for us in this area…granted I have friends in the Chicago/North East who woke up to zero degrees! Or friends in the mid-West who have seen -4. NO THANK YOU! But hey you know know..I might actually be living in that weather one day 🙂

Off to do a bit more work before I head to bed! 🙂



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