Reading Away

Well…vacation weeks got started off rocky. I was up all night in severe pain. It is annoying to literally be awake until 4a.m….finally getting out of bed..moving to the living room before heading to bed at 7a.m. I slept off and on from 7:30ish until about 11:30a.m. And then I heard the rain! 😦 Ugh! No wonder right! If there is one thing that will keep me awake and in pain…it is rain!

But  I did get some edits done on my paper and  I did get some reading done today. I have my to-do list for tomorrow and while I did not get done everything I wanted. I am making progress. Again, I’m reminding myself I cannot go and go…I have to balance. Tonight I am hoping that I get some sleep. If I can get a few hours of rest…it will make things so much better.

Tomorrow, after some errands in the morning my goal is to take a nap and start working on homework again. If I keep at it…I will be ahead. Maybe not as far ahead as I want to be but I will be ahead. My number one goal is to finish data collection or do A LOT of data collection this break. On top of that I have a few smaller things to do. Pray that I have energy and can keep doing things. I know breaks are needed so I keep reminding myself..things will progress. I just have to do my part and keep working.

Off to rest…hoping to be in less pain tomorrow!!


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