Almost 2014

It is hard to believe that 2014 is almost here! It seems like just yesterday it was 2012..heck why not 2000. The years have flown by…it makes me long for the days when the year seemed like it took forever to happen. Now in the blink of an eye the days fly by and soon the whole year has gone by.

I’ve struggled these first few days of holiday vacation. The first night of vacation (Wed.) I had one of the worst pain nights in a while…and was up all night. Then Thursday and Friday, I flared horribly. It is very hard to study when you are flaring. And then today it poured rain all day…my body felt as if it had been run over. I could barely move with out my entire body feeling intense pain. When the rain finally moved on this afternoon….I felt so exhausted.

The good news is…I still push on! I have managed to read several chapters of my law text (which I love). I have worked on a paper and if I do a little bit of homework every day….I will be ahead! 🙂 And if I keep working on things…I will eventually get projects done! I have had to accept that while it is great to have goals… might not always reach the first goal. However, reset your goal and try again. And eventually, you will finish!

But I have learned I can push, push, and push….and end up sick and in such pain it wasn’t worth it. Or I can just trudge along at a slow and steady pace. Taking time to relax and recoup and making sure I tend to me too! I opt for option #2. Rheumatoid Arthritis alone (Much less with the Lupus, Fibro, and Chronic Fatigue) don’t make life easy…and these all make taking breaks and recuperating critical.

I have a few more pages to read tonight and then  I will rest some more! I hope to kick my sore throat! I was supposed to go to a party tonight but I was so sick today. I hate that sometimes it feels almost impossible to RSVP for anything…as you really don’t know what you can do in the day until that day comes. You can hardly plan because..hah your body might have other plans! 😛 But keep your chin up….do what you can and let go of what you cannot do in the day.

Although I will say I was excited that this evening, I was able to do fold my laundry. You don’t know that I do my own laundry but once a month if that. Mostly because folding and hanging up my clothes hurts my hands and it takes energy. But after laying around today I was able to my laundry! YAY! It made me happy and yesterday I was able to do the dishes WOOHOO! 🙂 Small things!

Rest well everyone!


2 thoughts on “Almost 2014

  1. I am flaring now at the start of vacation too & I think it’s what you said — I haven’t been pacing myself. I’m glad you had (and are celebrating) some small victories!!

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