Merry Christmas!

For some countries it is already Christmas Day….and for some countries it is Christmas night! For those of us in the central United States….Christmas Day is almost here! 🙂  My hubby and I drove up to visit my mother and sister at their home in Arkansas .It was a long 8 hour drive but we did it alright. Lots of pain for me but I did manage to do half of the driving!! WOOHO! Also, Leia ended up coming with us! 🙂 She enjoyed her doggy seat and riding in the back with lots of treats.

We spent today running errand and we stopped by to see my father’s grave . It felt different to be there standing at his grave. It has been 5 years and 8 months tomorrow. The pain is still there..and we definitely feel him….although I am happy he is not suffering any more I still wish he was here. There is sooo much that he is missing in our lives.

Tomorrow we are just enjoying a family day before we head back home. Then Friday begins the wedding festivities!! Now my biggest hope is that I can still fit into my bridesmaid dress 🙂

Have a great Christmas!


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