The days go by

It is hard to believe…..2013 is almost over! My life has changed this year, in good and bad ways! My Rheumatoid arthritis has gotten worse but I have managed to still fight through it. My courses were tough but through many prayers and much encouragement I made all A’s this whole year!!!!! That to me is incredible!

I reflect back to the years past and think of the many blessings I have in my life! I’ve been blessed to stand on continents around the world! I have been blessed this year alone to see San Francisco, Denver, Indianapolis, and St. Louis. I dream of going back to Africa or India! I dream of seeing Europe’s beauty again soon! I hope to do more travel in 2014!

But as I always think about my blessings I think of those who have many needs. As I have mentioned before World Help is an amazing group of people who are out there bringing aid to those in need. They have food and aid going to Syria, the Philippines, and Haiti. They provide schools in Uganda, Rwanda, and many other African countries. World Help helps provide around the world! If you are looking for a place to go and help I encourage you to follow in my steps and got to I hope to travel again with World Help one day soon!

I am thankful that today through my pain, I am blessed! I am thankful today that The Lord has sustained me this year. I pray I grow more mature in the year to come, I pray I grow in empathy for the many who suffer like me, I pray my words and thoughts touch the life of someone in the year to come. I want to continue and raise awareness that despite RA/Lupus/fibromyalgia….you can do many many great things!

Hugs and many spoons today!

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