I am home!! Lake Tahoe was gorgeous and my friend’s wedding beyond lovely! It was so nice to see the mountains again. I forgot what a gorgeous view looked like. One morning I was able to see the sun come up over the mountains! Breathtaking! I will be uploading more picture soon!

Now I am trying to recoup! I caught a cold 😦 on my way back home. Thank goodness for Tylenol Severe Cold/Flu! I came home yesterday and went straight to bed. I woke up at midnight, ate some dinner, and went back to bed. Today, I came home and even though I set an alarm I woke up about an hour ago. Honestly, I think if my body need sleep that bad I better let it sleep! Better that than to get really sick!

My online class starts tomorrow!! I’m nervous and excited to be a professor.  I have never taught before so I know it will be a learning experience!! Keep me in your thoughts this semester as I will be teaching this class, plus working on my own courses and work! Time management will have to be my friend! 🙂

Back to work/sleep! I hope everyone is bundled up! We have been soooo cold today! Warm weather find us soon!

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