Those bottom days

Have you had those bottom days??? Where you feel like you are just sooo tired you want to lay in bed and veg all day? I had that day today…in my mind last night as I  struggled to sleep I kept thinking how thankful I was that at least I did not have to work today. Finally, after 4a.m. I was able to get sleep! There is nothing worse than just watching the clock tick down in the early morning. I’ve made a deal with myself…I will not look at the clock…I tend to get annoyed that the time moves so slowly and that the morning hours are going by and I’m not asleep.

I also found that sometime watching those movies that you just would never watch sometimes helps me get to sleep. Maybe I find that sleep will help me escape a movie I just do not understand or a movie that is just so crazy I cannot watch it. Either way I found trying to distract myself helps…just laying in bed wanting to sleep doesn’t work for me. It is even worse when my hubby is asleep and my Leia is snoring in her doggy bed. It makes me really irritated to know they are sound asleep and I’m awake!

I had one of those bottom days today after I woke up….I could just not get any energy at all. I don’t know what is wrong other than I’m still fighting a cold and I’ve had crappy rest these week. I had one of those days where I didn’t realize how I was going to get things done. I was worried about finding dissertation articles, keeping up with class, homework, teaching, grading, and work. One of those pity party days!

So my hubby and I went and watched the Lone Survivor. Great movie! Then I came home and I was able to mentally re-align so to speak. I realized that getting my dissertation done takes one day at a time….yes it is has take 10 years to get here and I have about a 1.5 year to go….but I will get it done.  One step at a time….one day at a time!

Back to the grind! If you are having a bottom day..know you aren’t alone. Take some time to rest and re-group.  Hugs!

4 thoughts on “Those bottom days

  1. Hi- I have a question on your dealings with FM but can’t find an email address on the blog. Please email me when you see this. Thanks!

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