Global perspective

Laughter, anger, sorrow, frustration…these and more can make up our day on a fairly regular basis. How do you handle the roller coaster ride of pain? Because it is a roller coaster…..and the sad part is sooo many people might try and explain this roller coaster to ears that don’t understand. The ride seems to never end but how we handle the ride makes us who we are. Sometimes I am so thankful that I can pull myself together, put on my makeup, get dressed, and act as close as possible to things being great. Takes so much energy to do that but am so thankful that I can. But there are days I cannot do that….days where I can try and I fail miserably. Those days, those days are when the emotional roller coaster ride speeds up. I feel more than tired, so alone, and more than anything wanting others to see and understand this journey.

Then I think on my journey and I am reminded of my years growing up. Or the times I’ve been abroad to other poor countries. I realize that my bad days…..someone else has an even worse bad day. I think back to my journey to Africa with World Help….to the kids and women who walked miles for school or food. I don’t know if I could do that….even with out my RA. But what if they are doing it with RA? Totally possible…all this to say..I appreciate that I can put even my pain in a longer, maybe global perspective.

Too often I think we keep our minds, I do this all the time, on ourselves. Human nature….but what would happen if we started to think less about us and more about others? I venture to think, I might be happier. I know these past few weeks I have been thinking “how good it is that maybe soon I can make trips again.”

I am excited to be nearing the end of this degree so that I just might be able to go back to my abroad travel. Maybe one day as a WH blogger. Trust me it would be an honor for me. I have seen so many great things from World Help. I never will forget about what I learned and saw in Africa. I greatly encourage you to find your World Help ( Find something that you can focus on so that you might be able to find some joy through your pain!

I worked on hw sooo late last night! I got my flu shot on Thursday night. My arm still hurts….and I’ve felt sick these past two days 😦 but I am slowly getting things done. I started reading my law cases for class. So far so good….lots to do but praying all will be good. πŸ™‚ one step at a time right!

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