Snow Day!

Yup! We can only say that what….once every few years! Houston, Tx has a snow day tomorrow. For me that means a delayed opening but for others that means school will be closed all day. We are expecting snowy/icey mix on the roads…meaning that driving to work will be interesting! This week I can say one more week of classes is down, thankfully this snow mix and bad weather waited until Thursday to come. I was able to make it to class last night.

The bad thing is that on Monday night I ended up in the Urgent Care room again! 😦 This time with an ear/throat infection and a fever. Yay! So I’ve been on antibiotics for two days…trying to feel better! On top of that I also started a full blown cold 😦 Yup I feel pretty miserable!! I’m really hoping I wake up tomorrow feeling better. At this point breathing through my nose would be greatly appreciated.

I hope that everyone stays warm and stays strong this weekend! More soon! 🙂

#coldssuck #spoons

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