Sick Days

There is nothing worse than feeling as if lack energy to even move. This weekend I have spent the majority of the weekend feeling just gross. My ear/throat infection moved into a full blown cold. Yes the not being able to breath out of my nose and the tight chest thanks to Asthma. SOOOOO not fun! 😦

The usual lack of energy thanks to the RA/Lupus was drained even more as I was not able to get sleep and no matter what I did….the congestion seemed endless. It is moments like these when I really wonder why stay in school! Yes it is hard to finish the last semester of classes…mostly I think because it is the last semester of coursework! Sounds odd…you would think I would be sooo ready to finish and in a way I am….but at the same time I am tired too. And when you are sick….it makes that tiredness feel even worse!

But the positive side…tonight I can breathe through my nose again (WOW FEELS GREAT!) and I can somewhat breath better. The snow day on Friday was put to good use…I made some head way with my law class.  I am a few cases ahead so I can spend the next two days reading ahead 🙂 I am happy that  I did not get behind! I just finish a 2-3 page paper that is due on Wednesday and I have my cases that are due for Law done.  To get those done even when feeling sick….I feel proud!

I hope that you all stayed warm! Part of me is ready to face the week….but part of me feels as if the Monday blues have set in! Is it bad that I am counting down to Spring Break already 🙂 Hoping that I get back to my usual self this week! Even more great news is that on Saturday, Feb. 1st.  I am officially covered by my company’s insurance!! WOW!! First time since 2012 that I WILL NOT have to pay for my own insurance. Such an answer to prayer.  I am so thankful for the Pre-Existing Insurance Company, part of the ACA, that saved me this past year. It was affordable and I was able to get to my doctors and get my meds….I could not have made it this past year with out the PCIP insurance I was provided. Thank you federal government! Saturday, I can say ….I’m insured again! 🙂 YAY!

Here is to a great week!!! 🙂

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