Keep Going!

You know we all have those days when we want to stop dong whatever we are doing and just quit! Have you had those types of days recently? Days where you feel overwhelmed? Days where you feel as if you just cannot do it anymore… feel the pain so overwhelming…you see feel the pop of your joints…and the pain and swelling from flares! Maybe you are going through that and many other personal/emotional things and you are just worn down!

I think sometimes the hardest part is we have those days (all of us have those days) yet we feel so alone sometimes! We feel as if no one else understands…we feel as if no one else will listen….no one else will get what you are trying to say. No one else will get that you hurt so bad that you have no words or that you are so exhausted you cannot even open your eyes while you are laying in bed.

It is hard…life is hard! But I want to encourage you to get up and share your story. I learned a long time ago…this world is full of hurting people. It is sooo hard to open up and share your pain and your story but when you do….people know how they can support you! Granted, you will ALWAYS have that person who does not really listen…that person who thinks the pain is in your head….that person who trys to be a doctor and tell you all the cures…and more! BUT you will also find that friend who will text you randomly and perk up your day. You will find that friend that will text you at 1a.m. because they know you are up (like them). That friend who says “just checking in” or “thinking about you.” Or that friend who will facebook you and check in on your because they know you are sick!

Those small things can make your day sooo much better! I encourage to look for something great in your life (or good) and share it with someone. I know it is hard to open up….there is a lot of stigma (in some senses) with sharing our life story..but you know when people know the you and what is going on with you..they can better support you! Granted opening up is rough…do it around people you believe you can trust and that hopefully will get you.

I had an awesome class tonight…awesome because I made it through even though I felt sooo bad! But hey one more class is done and one more class to my comprehensive exams in and May and my last courses over the summer! One class closer to finishing my dissertation and one step closer to being a Dr.! It is a process…just like my dissertation chair said over the weekend…chip away one step at a time!! Chip chip chip..the huge boulder goes away!

Stay focused, stay positive….I know the pain sucks! The health issues that come with our pain suck! But lets not leave the world as sucky as we found it! Let’s be a positive light to those we meet!

Be encouraged, we got this..we can keep going!

One thought on “Keep Going!

  1. Now matter how well you can explain your symptoms, the average person will never understand, brain fog, or the aches, or light sensitivity. All you can do, is pick yourself up and keep going. Stay Strong!

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