Crazy week

You know those weeks where you are flying by the seat of your pants! That is what this week felt like to me! It was crazy….from driving to campus to campus…and meeting to meeting. Definitely exhausted…but the good news is…it is almost Friday!!! I have to pack tomorrow, I leave for New Orleans. Not the crazy vacation I was hoping for….I’m  going to present a paper! Whoop Whoop!! 🙂 I’m nervous as always…but I’m excited too! I think it is critical to present great studies to the research world. I hope these students stories will be shared and that I do the study justice.

So Sunday I fly out! Don’t worry I will post pictures 🙂 I love traveling (as you know) so I am excited…but I know this month will fly by! I’ve been balancing school, work, and homework. I have worked hard to keep up with everything….I’m not getting as much dissertation research done..but you know what I have realized. Just like back in college, then I had a goal to finish in May 2007. I realized in January 2007….that I will graduate when I graduate! The key is I will graduate! While in 2007 I did not graduate until December was the best choice …the right choice for me

The same goes for this degree..whether I walk in May 2015 or August 2015 or December 2015…I will graduate in 2015. I want it to be the right time….the right time for me and my future…for my families future. So the take away…things happen…crappy things happen…you get knocked off the horse…you get up, you get back on and you keep going. Maybe you were slowed down….but it doesn’t finish! So finish your goal…pick yourself up and go forward! That is what I am doing!

I had a visit with my rheumy this week! She things my RA might be controlled with Imuran…we are waiting on blood work to know for sure. She thinks it might be time to bump up my Lyria to about 450mg. a week. I didn’t even know you could take that much! But apparently you can! So we are going to try that…depending on my blood work..she will move me to a tier two DMARD…I want to stay at a tier 1…but that is just me. I hope for good news! 🙂

Rest well everyone!

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