Me too!!

I have been thinking the past few weeks about how much this journey can take a toll on our lives. Maybe it is just me but I try and have a separate world sometimes I don’t want to share my journey with everyone. Why? Well because I want people to not know how much pain I am in all the time .I want people to just assume all is great and wonderful. But what I’m learning is that makes the world sometimes feel so much lonelier than the world probably could be. Why? Well those two words “me too” make me smile and and feel such relief too.

When I can meet someone who has my struggles….who also feels my pain…who also understands the fatigue. Who doesn’t judge me when I say I want to do go somewhere but I have no energy, and someone who is more than happy to listen to me vent over and over again at the smallest things that just are my pet peeves. Those two words….start a new relationship, and a new journey.

But if I wasn’t willing to share…if I wasn’t willing to be real with people….who all would I miss knowing? Who would I miss interacting with and sharing the joys and laughter of this world? It is not to say that you cannot make friends with those who are not like you….but it does mean that sometimes maybe having that one person who gets you…can make a world of difference.

I’m doing my best now to live as way that doesn’t hide who I am and what I do…because honestly I am who I am …and I can only do what I can do. I can only work so hard, and do so much and it is my responsibility to take care of my body. If it take an extra semester to graduate….if it takes a little while to get ahead…if it takes a little while to start a family…that is ok because I want to do all of those things in the right timing for me and my body and my needs. What matters is that I do not overwhelm myself…what matters is that I stay focused on my goals. And that I realize that no matter what….I have to be real to myself and to those I am around.

Hang in there and be yourself! Make yourself proud and make those around you learn to listen to your needs! That is what matters! Stay strong!

From the heart of the French Quarter….au revoir! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Me too!!

  1. You should never be ASHAMED OF YOUR PAIN or WHATS GOING ON IN YOUR LIFE…thats the whole part of blogging my dear…I suffer..and I suffer..with no pain meds…nothing but over the counter tylenal, and lyrica and muscle relaxers and antidepressants for depression and anxiety which also helps with the PAIN!!!!!!
    I have found so much peace by venting my pent up pain and frustrations by blogging with others who claim they understand…. whether they do or not, I really don’t care, when you get to be as experienced at reading people and how the talk, you learn to weed out the one’s who really know your pain or the ones who are just trying to passive you for the moment. I hate to sound so blunt, but being disabled since 1999 I have heard alot of this and that so to speak…IF you ever want someone who knows real PAIN with and without pain meds, look me up, I would be happy to chat with you.

  2. I can completely relate to everything you wrote! I tend to do the same as you and kind of put on a mask and hide that i am experiencing chronic pain to my friends and even some of my family. In some ways i have found that easier, not to let people know how much pain I am in, because I have tried to open up to my friends and of course they don’t understand and so i have lost some that way. With family I tend to get responses like you have a headache again? Although I have the most amazing family, many of my family members cannot see me suffer, so I act away pretending like I am fine when I’m not. It really does get lonely, and i wish i knew someone who gets me. I recently decided to open up online and create a support group in my city on facebook (closed group). I have never opened up like this before (besides for blogging), and i was so scared to share who i really am, but I know these people are going through similar battles. It is a start to exposing who I really am like this. A lot of my friends opened up to me, after i shared it on FB and told me what a great thing I was doing. Its all a learning process. Those things that you tell yourself about doing things at the right time and not stressing about when things will happen are things I say to myself all the time. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Like you I was definitely very scared to open up and share the “real” behind the mask. For a long time I did not even use my real name because I still wanted that protection…becoming vulnerable is scary. But I do hope that for someone out there, knowing they are not alone helps! 🙂

      1. Exactly, one of my main reasons that i put myself out there is to help others. I also do it to spread awareness, and by writing what i truly feel i hope I am helping others as well! 🙂

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