Another week!!

Wow it is hard to believe another week has flown by! I remember thinking as a kid that the year felt as if it passed so slowly..not in my adulthood it feels like the months just fly by! I can hardly believe this weekend we will be in March! Wow!! Crazy. 

I have spent a lot of time this week thinking about a lot of things. I worked a six day week….so today of course was  day full of pain, exhaustion and the works.  The good news is that I have been able to sit in bed/couch all day (yes I’m realizing I have to take care of ME), and I have gotten some homework done! So two positives…still….there has been lots of pain and I’ve been dragging myself around all day! 😦

I realized this week the value of completion! I had this saying in graduate school that “it doesn’t matter how long it just matters that you finish.” I’ve reached a point in my academic career where I realize I must balance ME and my completion.  The focus should not be on just finishing a product…the focus should be on ME HEALTHY completing the projects that come with school. The pressure and stress that was relieved when I came to that conclusion was amazing. Yes I would love to finish in 3.5 years…but so what it if takes me a full 4 years??? If I finish in 3.5 years and am so sick I cannot work…I would probably be wishing I had slowed down a bit, and been able to walk out ready to do something. 

Random thinking I know… I have myself on a writing/data collection schedule so that I can hopefully keep up with my research. I have surprisingly had more homework this semester than I anticipated…actually more homework this semester than the last two semesters! So I’ve been adjusting to that added piece. The good news is that in some things I am ahead and that helps./

Organization and balance is critical! 🙂 Easy said hard done!!! I’m off to do more homework! Focused this week on getting done!!! 🙂 WOOHOO! 

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