At times in our lives, we get so busy and so into things that we don’t stop and reflect. Tonight, I had one of those stopping and reflecting nights. I remembered, wow it has been almost six years since I heard my dad’s voice. I didn’t realize until I stopped to think about it, how much I missed hearing my dad talk.  I have pictures that I can look at and memories but it is so weird (at least to me) how hard it is to not remember what his voice sounded like. I barely remember his laugh, so tonight I sat and wondered how awesome it that we now, in today’s world, the ability to capture voice and images. That is so cool! 

I spent the day working on homework and catching up on my rest. The balance thing (yet again) has come to be very important especially since I took a new job about a year or so ago. Things are busy at work, it is every more so critical that I make sure I take me time. I turned off all my alarms and realized, that I could only do so much with little sleep. I needed to make sure I took care of me. So I rested today for a long time before I got up to do some work. And yet again, I could see how much I could get done when my mind was fresh and my body in less pain.

I was able to spend some time organizing my pictures, ahhh my Africa pictures like always pull at my heart. I love getting my emails and checking Facebook to see all the great things World Help is doing. So many amazing things, one day it would be cool to take an even bigger part of helping the many areas around the world ( Cannot wait to one day go back to Africa! 

Rain is coming, in the midst of a flare but you know I know things will still happen…I will still work! Thankful that I can push through…at least today. I have been so blessed this week…there were days I was so tired and down..then I would get a text  from a friend. It really brightened my day. I realized this week more than ever…how critical it is to have those encouragers in your life. Even if it is a simple text that says “hey thinking of you” it does a lot. 

Off to get a little bit more homework done before I have to go rest again! thankful for everyone who sends so many amazing encouragements my way! 

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