Brrr it is cold

What a cold winter…that seems to  NEVER end!!! The temperature has dropped again….which I think would be alright except that we are also experiencing rain!! UGH!! : ( I still am amazed how my body reacts to the rain. I am amazed how it has changed over the years. As a kid, living in Honduras we had six months of rain a year. I loved it! I loved hearing the rain coming over the mountains, listing to the rain as it hit the tile roof and then of course running around putting buckets everywhere because the roof leaked so bad.  Now, two days before the rain comes I know it will rain. My ears feel the pressure change….the muscles in my legs begin to burn and achke..then my joints follow. My hands swell and so many joints begin to have that nagging pain that doesn’t go away no matter what I take. Sleep is near impossible, simply because I am so miserable that I cannot get comfortable in bed. Wow how years have changed things! Yet, you know I still love hearing the rain outside…I love watching it  rain….my body just doesn’t like the rain.

But today again, it got cold! Good thing I love wearing boots 🙂 That is the one positive of “winter” weather…I get to wear boots and cardigans at work……but I will say I do miss wearing just heels or regular shoes. Boots though keep me warm and that is definitely a positive when it comes to working and not letting the pain get the best of me. 

I felt like I accomplished a good bit of homework this week, I’m working on a Spring Break schedule so that I can get ahead in my homework and put about 20-30hrs of data collection into my systematic literature review. Twenty hours is the minimum that I hope to hit, and I think it will be possible!! (Crossing fingers)

I spent some time this weekend thinking again…what do I want to do….where do I want to go…where will I be happy…what job can I do physically/emotionally…and so many other questions. Yes it is that time in my life where one journey is ending and I must prepare myself for another journey! I am nervous…but also I know that all my education was not for not ….I will get a job that will use my skills and a job where I am happy. Now though is the time (for the first time) to realize my personal educational career is coming to an end and what do I want to do now. It is exciting actually to know that I’m going to NOT have homework every night of the week, instead I can just focus on a job where I can do something good for students. It is a no brainer that I will stay in higher education, I love it. …but do I want to go up for a tenure track position….do I want to go for an administrative position??? Which sounds betters? Which works better for me? I have tossed the idea around of going for an associate/assistant dean position….I think I could do it…then I could move up to a dean or maybe vice president position. But at the same time I love the idea of teaching students and working in research. I have seen the lack of research surrounding my dissertation topic…there needs to be more..I would love that to be me! Then again, I realize how hard it is to get tenure track jobs….but those that know me would say I would not back down from the challenge. I know deep down…it if is meant to be…it will be be. 

Off to do some law book reading! Rest well everyone!

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