Spring Break!! (Finally)

Do you ever feel as if the days fly by! Well thankfully I will say the days haven’t felt this way on Spring Break. I will be honest, the break couldn’t have some soon enough. I am feeling the exhaustion every day…it makes things so frustrating…when I have work to  do (or homework to do) that just seems like it never gets finished. But you know that is what this week is for….this week I will focus on getting ahead or at least getting things done! That said, I am realizing that my body/energy has to come first and that I have not been doing.

As I write, my legs feel absolutely broken…while I have not gone outdoors I have not doubt rain is coming. My legs are tingling and the ache has been so horrible all evening..no matter how I sit/lay down/do anything the pain never ends. Ahhh one day I might actually get to sit down and NOT hurt! Wouldn’t that be awesome. The bad news is that after a near $700 bill I found out my current rheumatologist is now out of network!!! Nothing like finding it out with a big bill right! I called my insurance (when I first got my insurance…back in November) and at that time all my doctors were in network. Apparently, that changed after January 1st and I never though to check again! Wow!!! So now after paying that much money, I realize I need to find a new GP…that can refer me to a rheumatologist….a whole new rheumatologist!!! UGH!! So what I’m going to do is go back to the GP that originally diagnosed me with RA….I hope she will refer to me to someone I can stand! Definitely won’t like…I’m nervous about this…I really hope for a smooth transition!

That said, my dermatologist is also out of network but now that I have started the accutane process…I’m going to wait until next week to decide. Yup, next Thursday I go in for more tests and a decision by my derm doctor on accutane. If she says I’m good to go..I will go ahead and start…which means I will stay with her until I’m done with the process. If she says no and more antibiotics or face cream…then I will go ahead and start looking for a dermatologist that is in my network.  Ahhhh the medical things we go through…can be so complicated…annoying…frustrating…and more words than I think I could fit in here.

The positive news is that I know my new GP diagnosed me with RA….I hope she trusts her decision and does not make me start again! I’m holding on to that positive news! You have to hold onto something positive….the negatives can swallow you up unless you fight back with something positive! Off to do more homework!! Stay strong, and FIGHT!

One thought on “Spring Break!! (Finally)

  1. I had a look at your page and found out so much information and links on Fibro, just wanted so say thanks. I was only diagnosed about 6 months ago so gathering lots of info is fab as there is very little medical help. Ali x

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