Whew…one more week done!

The week is done! I survived…do you hate sometimes the feeling that you are dragging yourself through the week! I know today I was exhausted…last night I came home from work and I went straight to bed. I slept until almost 10:00p.m….I woke up, and ended up going right to back to bed. My body just needed that rest. I spent all of Spring Break working…so the blessing is that now I am not nearly as pressured to get homework done. Not only that but I also have a little bit of time to work on my dissertation research! POSITIVE!

Great news to share, my husband and I have decided to have a vow renewal ceremony! We are coming up to five years this year…and if you have read any of my blog you can imagine how these years have been. From diagnosis of RALF, hospitalizations for both my husband and I, and many other things….we have gone through some crazy hectic times. We are planning a very small intimate ceremony at a chapel and then a nice dinner afterwards. More details coming but I will say I am enjoying looking at different planning ideas. Never having planned a vow renewal it is interesting to research what you do and don’t do. You can do flowers..which I plan on doing. You can have attendants (not called Maid of Honors/Best Man) which we are doing. The ceremony is focused on us, sharing personalized vows and re-exchanging our rings. I also am planning on getting a nice new dress (not a wedding dress), and hubby a nice suit. We also are going to order a cake….nothing fancy or crazy but something nice. I’ve scoped out a few restaurants where we might have our private dining experience after. Guest list is also way smaller than a normal wedding (we only had about 20 when we got married)…this time it might be the same or less. I personally don’t enjoy being the center of attention so the smaller the better.

It is great to have hopefully an awesome day to plan! Keeps me focused…keeps me positive! I’m down to 6 more weeks of school! YAY! Cannot wait!!! 🙂


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