First Attempt

My first attempt with bouquet making. I decided late Sunday to see what I could do with silk flowers. So off to Michaels….and after a few hours you can see what I came up with! Not too bad!

Chapel is picked, and I think I know where we will go for dinner. This celebration is going to be small. I like those intimate gatherings where you can talk to everyone and enjoy a great night of laughing and making memories. We have a Brazilian steakhouse in mind. It is a really cool place where people can pick a lot of different meat to eat. Very cool I think.

So once I get the venue for dinner, I’ll work on finding a bakery and then a salon that is open on Sunday. I’m continuing to look for the special dress. I found one I love but still need to see what else is there.

Slowly but surely things are coming together. I’ve setter making notes to myself of things that I would want to share as part of my vows. Hmmm what to say 🙂 or not say!

I stated Accutane today!!!! Yes I was nervous but hey let’s get it done! I was soooo scared I would go broke doing this treatment, so thankful insurance approved so I did not have to pay near what I expected. Tonight my tummy is not happy but I’m hoping that will pass after the first week or so! Hoping anyways!

Let me know what you think of my first try on the bouquet! I’m also including a picture of the chapel.








3 thoughts on “First Attempt

  1. Love the bouquet! When I got married I made the bridesmaids and my bouquet. I went to the hardware store and got piping insulation to put on the stems and covered it with ribbon. It made it alot easier on my hands. The chapel is beautiful too!

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