Hanging in there

The days seems to go by so quickly, which isn’t a bad thing. That just means the end of the semester will be here SOON! I think back to when the semester started…and how crazy things were. Things have not let up, many things have gotten even more complicated and crazy..but what has changed is that the semester has come to about a month left! Wow! One month and this semester will be over. To prepare for the end of the semester, I have one major test and one major paper to work on. The crazy Spring Break I had ensured that I would not be stressing out about small things….YES!! But I do have to keep going and stay focused on the projects. I have learned over the years, it is much easier to do a big project in small pieces over weeks than it is to cram the entire thing in to a few days! 

So here in a few minutes I will head back to my office so I can work on a draft of a paper! I am almost done, my goal is to have a finished draft by tonight so I can review and edit it and submit in advance. Then I will continue to work on my spreadsheet that I am using to learn my cases. Whew! 

Good news is that I am all packed and ready to go! I leave on Wednesday! Geez…last trip for a while…hopefully not but i do not have anything else scheduled right now. Off to get something done 😀

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