Have you

Have you ever had those experiences in life that you dwell on? Those experiences that really, no matter how hard you try, you cannot seem to get off your mind?

My personality is such that things that bother me….sometimes I mull on what has bothered me for a few days. Then I anxiously ponder what will happen when that next encounter might occur, essentially the what ifs of the future encounter.

I had something happen that seems to occur more often then I would like. The outcome didn’t go well, at least not the way I would have hoped. So I caught myself doing the usual (mulling it over and planning the what it game).

I realized a few things after thinking about the encounter….first I need to work on my boundaries. I’m a caring person but that doesn’t mean I deserve to be walked over or disrespected. In fact, no one does. Always respect the persons around you! I also realized the value of using all my experiences and adding them to my book of life. Does everything in life happen as I want? No? Does it for anyone? Will things happen, will people be mean, will people be rude or disrespectful? Yes!!! But that doesn’t mean I should give others power over me!!

For me prayer brings much peace and so tonight I spent various moments of prayers over this encounter. Through my prayers and contemplations I had these moments of wow, yes! Will the days of letting someone cross boundaries will me stop all of a sudden…no but I definitely gained much peace!

Isn’t life and learning great? πŸ™‚ The things I learned walking the streets of Philly! πŸ™‚

I head home tomorrow; I have learned many things (as you can tell!). I’ve rested as I have needed and hopefully I will be able to get home safe and sound and hit the ground running on Monday. I do know this fact, I will be smiling, my head will be high, my resolve strong as ever! And I will say, I am definitely so thankful for my prayers and peace!

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