Wow so much!

There is so much to catch up on! My Monday of this week started sooooo chaotically! My little Frenchie ended up in the Emergency room :(. Poor thing was not happy. The emergency room vet thought she might have an auto immune issue. We were able to get her to our vet on Tuesday and we had a full autoimmune panel run.

While all of this was going on I was packing for Philadelphia! I am sitting in the middle of the massive Philadelphia Convention Center! It is huge! It covers several blocks and then some! This city is pretty cool! The first day I went on a historic Philadelphia tour. I saw some of the famous places here including the Liberty Bell. I love seeing places for myself that I have only read about in texts. Sooo cool! Philly is a beautiful place, the river on one side and the ocean on the other! Perfect New England place!

I’ve gone to many sessions, I think my favorite was on the globalization in Higher Education, too often we forget we need to include an international perspective into how we think and with what we do. It is interesting to see tons ( and I do mean tons) of people attending and sharing their knowledge and research. Last year this conference had an attendance of 22,000 (amazing!) people! I’m sure this year they had that or more!

While here I did get Leia’s test results, the vet said he didn’t see anything on her antibody/ANA tests so for now he wants to try medication to help with her separation anxiety and see what that does for her. When we adopted her she had major separation anxiety, she does better now but she still has her moments.

Ahhh my body is tired, the pain has been ever present but I’ve been making sure to rest and not over stress my body. I don’t want to make myself any more sick or tired than usual. I’ve been thankful I had the vacation time to come up here for the conference, great learning!

Off to a session!

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