Whew!! Sometimes the weeks are crazy…I always forget how crazy April is and how exhausted I feel. Not only do I stay busy during the working hours but I am also focused on writing my final paper!!! and studying for my final exam. Hard to believe….two more classes and the Spring term is over! It is also exciting thinking that a year from now I could very well be getting ready to graduate! 🙂

I am focused on finishing a major paper this weekend, studying for my exam this week, finishing up my third class, and working on my comprehensive exams. So much to do but it is exciting that I am getting there!

I spent this week visiting my new PCP…she has me set up to see a cardiologist (she heard a heart murmur) and a new rheumatologist. The changes in my insurance..I have to get all new doctors. I hate starting with a new person….but I’m hopeful that all will go smoothly!

We also added to our family this week! Leia has been really sick lately…the ER vet thought it was something immune related so she is on medicine. One thing to help her was to not feel so alone during those times we are gone. So we went through with getting her a brother! We adopted a 2 year old Siberian Husky/Border Collie mix (pictures coming). He is so sweet…very docile and they are already bonding. So far he his doing very well in the house….and we are getting him on a schedule for going outside. When we leave…the T.V. is on and him and Leia are in their kennels. So far so good!

I always wonder sometimes about the stories for our four furry kids We have adopted each of them…Precious was abandoned at the apartment complex we lived at, Pepper was on the side of the road, Leia was adopted from a rescue group, and now Bruce was adopted from a the shelter. They are definitely all spoiled!!!

Back to working on my paper! #staystrong!

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