Whew…the days have flown by these past few weeks….it has been nuts. The good news is that the semester is OVER! Yes, finals are done…papers have been turned in and that makes me feel soooo good. Now I’m working on completing my final exams, those are due by May 25th. Once that is done, I will be finishing one class and then I’ll be dissertation writing only! Feels good to be this close to being done but I also realize that writing is probably the hardest part! My goal is to get a writing schedule so that way I stay on top of things. Once summer is done I can work at balancing the writing most nights a week and then getting some me time in too!

The kids are doing great! Leia and Bruce are bonding and enjoying picking on each other. It is like watching a brother and sister fight. He steals her toys, she steals his toys, they fight over who gets what side of the bed. But yet when one gets up, the other quickly follows. If one gets into a bedroom and the other doesn’t, whining and crying ensues. I hope that it helps Leia stay positive when she is home alone and of course I know we will be giving Bruce a great home!

I’ve also been going to the doctor more these past few weeks. I had to set up a new PCP, so I made her appointment. She determined I might have developed a heart murmur. She sent me to a cardiologist who just confirmed that diagnosis. I’m headed to get an echo and a few other tests run on my heart. I also have standing appointments with a new rheumatologist (insurance changed so I have to set a new one up)…that is in a few weeks. I finally got around to getting a dentist appointment! So yes running to dr offices left and right! Good news is that Accutane is working…it is just draining me at the same time :(. Only a few more months! WHEW! It should be worth it….right??? 🙂

I’m working on organizing myself to write! I’ll be updating more now that the crazy past few weeks have successfully ended!

One thought on “Update!

  1. YES!! Semester is almost over for me as well. I have a two week summer course than graduation August 9th :)…..It can be hard sometimes to get through a normal day when lupus wants to pop up. Good luck with everything. Peace and blessings

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