So far!

Yes!! There is nothing more encouraging than getting positive grades! So far the grades are in for two of the three classes….excellent grades. I never know how that happens…but I’m so glad it does! Well I say I never know…that is because I physically never know how it happens. I pray and thank God for all his strength this semester. If he had not encouraged, granted peace, mercy, and hope in some difficult days… I don’t think I could have finished as strong as I did this semester. 

I have started the foundation for my comprehensive exams!! WOOHOO! It is nice to take pieces from each of my class to make a final product….I feel like a baker who is baking a final challenge (or one of the final challenges). It have been given a pantry full of ingredients these past two and half years of coursework….now I have to take these ingredients and make something that shows that I am capable to move up to the next level. 

Much easier said than done….but I am confident!  🙂 Despite the pain and exhaustion is encouraging to see things progressing! 🙂

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