I’ve spent most of the weekend writing, editing, and resting as I can. The kids have been crazy and fun, it is nice to watch the Leia and Bruce bond! They are starting to sleep side by side as well as cry if they cannot find the other one. It is so fun to watch them play and steal each other’s toys. They make the house so fun! And of course the cats are enjoying having a new toy to boss around!

The hubby and I went downtown tonight for some relaxation time. We enjoyed some great food and awesome weather! I hope next week is a good slow week. I have four doctor appointments next week. I am getting an echo done for my heart murmur,
following up with my dermatologist, following up with my cardiologist, and seeing my rheumy again. My lupus and RA panel came back. Not surprisingly my ANA IFA was positive at a 1:620 titer, speckled and homogenous pattern. My Mitrochondrial AB test was also positive at a 1:320 titer. And also not surprisingly my RF was neg. I’m interested to see how my appt goes on Friday! Not sure what if anything will change. The Mitrochondrial test is a new one, I’ve been reading that it can confirm an autoimmune issue (among other things), including RA. While I was hoping my body might have made up its mind as to which disease it wants to have…I’m not sure if that has happened…or will happen.

Comps due this weekend, many appointments, and I’m exhausted! Will stay strong, didn’t come this close to stop now!







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