Hanging in there!

Tough days are here for a reason right! For some reason by early afternoon today I was just exhausted! That could be because I had a lot on my mind and a lot to do….but hey this week is THE WEEK!!! My comps are due on Friday and I spent some time today editing my first question. I know my second question is good…now I am working on editing my third question. Whew! Getting there!

Tomorrow, I go in for an echo and to avoid getting behind at work I worked an extra two hours. That made for a long day that’s for sure! It is soooo sad to walk into work at 7:15a.m. and not walk out until after 5:30p.m!! No  wonder I’m Vitamin D deprived!!! 🙂 Living under fluorescent lights and cold cement walls is NOT healthy! I see my dermatologist in two days….it seems like Accutane was working that first month…haven’t seen to much improvement this month 😦 I was disappointed…but I hope that is due to just the normal process of adjusting!

We are also meeting our minister on Wednesday night! One of my to do items is to start working on our vow renewal ceremony again. I have my dress (I think), the place,  the minister, the venue to eat after. I still need to book the hair salon (just added to my calendar to do), the hotel, order a small cake, and then some figure out the flowers. So a few things are done and just a little more to go!

Back to comp writing I go!

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