Comps DONE!

It is an awesome feeling to finish pieces of this degree and tonight was no exception! I was able to submit via email my take home comprehensive exam. Granted, I spent a good hour staring at the email re-checking and checking again. The long and the short of it is ….was it 150% perfect…probably not but I do believe it was the best I could have done and I am proud of myself for completing it.  I have about a week before summer classes begin, I am hoping to get ahead on some reading and then start on my dissertation research/writing schedule. I figure the best way to ensure that I finish this dissertation is to get on a writing schedule. I’ve made appointment reminders in my calendar for periods of 3-4 hours at a time, with a full day off writing/researching.  My primary goal this summer is to get my first three chapters (my introduction, review of past literature, and my method [what my research study will be]) done and ready to request a proposal date as soon as fall (as as close to it)  semester begins.

But for tonight….resting and relaxing! 🙂

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