Orencia it is!

Well, I had my day of doctor appointments…definitely an exhausting day..but I am happy the hospital had free internet!I was able to watch Hulu while I waited between doctor’s offices. And I was able to find the cafeteria so I didn’t go hungry. THANKFULLY the echo showed as healthy structure around my heart as I could get so YAY! However, the irregular heartbeat is still a concern, I was given an order to run additional telemetetry tests and another test I cannot remember the name. The heart murmur appears to be something  I will monitor but it isn’t appearing to me to be anything more too serious.

I was nervous before my rheumy appointment, given how the last appointment went….I was definitely saying prayers that this experience would  be better. Again thankfully the appointment was FAR better! My labs unfortunately have not changed in that I am still showing positives for both Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. The line is still not clearly defined, the RF is still negative. Yet the antibodies in my body are still having their fun. That said, my rheumy doesn’t think Imuran is working…and neither do I! So he suggested and I agreed it is time…biologic meds are now part of my life! We agreed on Orencia…although I am still debating the IV infusion versus the home injections. The thought of giving myself shots…not particularly the best image…but I think I could do it. It would definitely save me time so I wouldn’t have to go to the hospital (where my rheumy is located) and spent the afternoon. We are waiting on insurance approvals to see what will happen and goodness the cost. I have heard various co-pay amounts …I sure hope it is something I can afford.

I’m thankful I have  made it this far in my academic career before my diseases have progressed to this stage….but I won’t lie I had a slight pity party for myself. It sucks to look so good but to feel so exhausted and in such pain. I had some approach my at my job and say “wow you look so great, you must be feeling 100%”….I was like….”NOPE.” One of the hardest things about these diseases is that the outside world…they cannot see our pain. But I have pulled myself up….and have been spending the evening doing a few things that need done. Goals for my Memorial Day weekend include reading ahead, hopefully starting to work on my literature review, and a few other things I need to do. Lets hope I get it all done! 🙂

My positive for the week….my comprehensive exams are DONE! 🙂

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